The soundstage is where all the action happens at a movie studio.  The most versatile space in moviemaking, soundstages are used to house sets and film all kinds of non-location scenes and dialog that will later be edited into the final cut of the film.

Your soundstage experience will include visiting three live sets where scenes are being shot right in front of you. But you’re not going to just watch a movie being filmed – you’re going to be part of the movie!  After a short trip to the film’s production office, you’ll have to decide whether you want to be behind or in front of the camera. And then you’ll plot your Escape From Zircon.


Escape From Zircon 

Imagine this: you’re on vacation in Paris with friends when a spy secretly slips a letter in your bag. Everything’s going well until the evil Zircon sends his henchmen to get back what’s hidden in your bag. You find yourself taken to a world far away and trapped in Zircon’s lair, and there’s a major showdown between the forces of good and evil as you struggle to escape. Will you make it? It’s all up to you…


It’s a Wrap 

After filming your scenes, you’ll go to the soundstage’s edit bay to see your own movie masterpiece. It'll combine the shots you just filmed with additional shots, music, voiceover and special effects to make a mini-motion picture that can be purchased at the Museum or downloaded from the Museum’s Web site as a permanent memento of your soundstage adventure. 

And hopefully, you’ll have gained a greater understanding of the talent, science and technology that enables today’s movie wizards to make celluloid magic. 

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