Action! An Adventure in Moviemaking 

Go behind the big screen with Action! An Adventure in Moviemaking. The exhibit, the result of the Museum’s unprecedented collaboration with Hollywood’s top film studios, includes two amazing environments.

In “Meet the Moviemakers,” learn how flicks are picked for production… how a studio set becomes a city street… how actors prepare for award-winning performances… how amazing stunts happen… how makeup turns actors into aliens… and a lot more. This section features dozens of interviews with real film professionals, including directors, costume designers, camera operators and even your favorite actors and actresses. You will also see real scripts, costumes, like the Storm outfit from X2: X-Men United, and more than 100 artifacts, including the MagLev car from Minority Report and a maquette (small puppet or doll) used to create special effects in The Mummy.

In “The Soundstage Experience,” you’ll step onto a real movie set with real equipment to make your own blockbuster film, Escape from Zircon, an action-packed adventure that sends a pair tourists on the run from a criminal mastermind from the streets of Paris to the beaches of Hawaii to the villain’s secret lair. You can purchase a copy of your movie to share with your family and friends.

You’ll give Action! four stars. Don’t miss it!

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