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Did you ever wonder how many people it really takes to make a movie? Well, wonder no more. “Meet the Moviemakers” offers an up-close look at the intensely collaborative art of filmmaking, as explained by the artists themselves. So, who are the professionals behind your favorite films? And, could you have a future in film?

The Creature Designer

This might be the coolest – or creepiest – job on a film crew. You decide.  These artists create incredible masks, body parts, and sometimes entire creatures. Whenever it’s not feasible to use the real thing, or the real thing doesn’t really exist, such as in the case of movie monsters or killer dinosaurs, realistic substitutes are carefully crafted to make a scene as real as possible. Lifelike puppets can be motorized to create movement and strike fear into moviegoers everywhere. Check out some of the incredibly creepy artifacts from films like Alien, Beetlejuice, and Spy Kids 3D… if you dare!

The Creature Designer
The Visual Effects Artist
The Stuntman
The Production Designer
The Cinematographer
The Makeup Artist
The Costume Designer
The Actor
The Director
The Producer
The Screenwriter

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